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How can I prepare for IELTS exam at home?

13 Nov 2019 Administrator . 0 General

IELTS test is one of the most significant tests to prove your efficiency in the English language. There are a lot of training institutes with tall claims that are made to improve the IELTS score of the student by a significant number. The truth is that not everyone has the time to go to the center.

Is it possible to prepare for IELTS from home?

The truth is that most IELTS aspirants turn to a coaching center for IELTS test training. Many students still trust only the offline IELTS training centers to prepare for IELTS exam for quality coaching.

But many factors have changed that picture for a section of the students for some plenty of good reasons like:-

  • Increasing internet penetration
  • Higher internet speed
  • Low cost of internet
  • Increasing sales of smart-phones
  • Better internet awareness

Five easy ways to get ready for IELTS

IELTS exam results have frustrated many students who have appeared for this highly popular test many times. The tricky part is many of these students who have English as their native language and use the language daily.

The trick to IELTS exam preparation at home is going through a few well-established methods used by many students daily. When you prepare daily and analyze your reports with a trusted source, results will come.

Written below is a brief explanation:-

1. Knowing English Speakers

There are few methods to get you efficient not just in speaking fluent English but the language overall than speaking the language regularly. When you keep speakers of English in your surroundings daily, then it only gets easier to prepare from home or the move too. 

2. Become The Movie Star

Watching movies is an activity that everyone enjoys. But when you engage in IELTS practice at home, it is not enough to watch them passively. Download the script of the movie and try to speak the dialogues in the accent of the character. It will help you not only understand the different accents in IELTS but expand your vocabulary.

3. Prepare what you love

Experts also suggest finding a topic of passion and interest. The suggestion is that if you study and prepare using the subject of your interest, then the preparation becomes much more enjoyable. Reading the same kind of topics in books can be tedious.

4. Begin a Blog

Writing is one area where many students, even the native speakers of the language, suffer. Experts suggest starting a blog to treat this problem. You will get honest feedback from strangers. Plus, you can invite people you trust to read the blog for improvement and possibly score a band 8 in IELTS and writing too.

5. Practice daily with sample tests online

Another recommended step is to practice daily with sample tests. Some institutions help practice you daily. There are sample tests, trainers, and other features for a particular cost to help you prepare well.

Prepare with online IELTS training from eBritish IETLS

eBritish IELTS is one of the top tiers online IELTS training centers to help you improve your IELTS score from home without much fuss. It has hired trusted and reliable trainers filled with years of experience in IELTS training.

Also, it has four packages which are:-

  • IELTS Basic

This course is a six-week course for extensive training for those who need it. It has 24 tests for each module and can last two weeks.

  • Intermediate

This course is a four-week course for the middle level of training if that’s your need for IELTS preparation to get a good score. It can last for four weeks and has 16 tests for each module.

  • IELTS professional

This course is for the students who have the required level of English for IELTS and only need a few tests for practice. The session can last two weeks and has eight tests for each module.

If you need more tests in IELTS and want to focus on a particular module to score a band 8 in IELTS, then there are individual modules.

Here is a brief explanation:-

1. Reading

- There are ten academic and general training tests for practice

- The student gets the score on a real-time basis

- Time-bound test to learn time management

- One doubt clearing session of 20 minutes with your trainer after five tests

2. Writing 

- 5 set of writing tasks available

- Every set will include task 1 and task 2

- You can write on a paper like the IELTS test and then upload the test by taking a photo of the test through the eBritish IELTS app.

- One doubt clearing session with your trainer after five tests for 20 minutes.

3. Listening

- Ten recordings with corresponding questions to practice.

- You will know the answers on a real-time basis once the test is over.

- One doubt clearing session after five tests with your trainer for 20 minutes.

4. Speaking

- Six sets of tests with introductory questions, cue cards, and then follow-up questions.

- In each test, there will be a video call with your trainer, and each session will last 20 minutes.


Many students are faced with confusion about what is the best way to prepare to achieve a higher IELTS band score and is it ideal for preparing from home. Experts have opined that rapidly evolving technology and lower internet prices have made IELTS exam preparation at home possible to an advantageous degree. It can significantly help students to save time and money.

How we work - eBritish IELTS

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