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How to Achieve 8 Bands in IELTS Easily

15 Oct 2019 Administrator . 0 General

IELTS has bands from 0 to 9. Most students are able to get into their courses with a 6 to 7 band score. There are some courses that require a higher band of 8 to 9. These are specialized courses requiring a higher grasp of the language.

Obviously, it is not easy to score a band 8 in IELTS or higher. Such a score requires a high operational command over the language and rare inaccuracy or some misunderstanding. We understand that all of this sounds bad.

But the important thing is not to panic, especially when you are short on time. There are many coaching centers that will promise you quick results. A thorough background search will do you a lot of good.

British IELTS is a premier institute in this area, and now they are bringing their expertise to the online training modules for IELTS. We don’t just make plain promises but back our claims with one of the finest faculty to score high bands.

How to achieve 8 bands in IELTS or higher will require sticking to a fixed schedule every day. The faculty will plan out your daily routine and help you stick to your schedule with tests, sessions, and reports on all the tests taken on a regular basis.

A Section-wise approach to 8 band

A high band score requires training of the highest order. There are people who go through IELTS general training on their own, but most people require the care of an expert and well-structured system.

eBritish IELTS is a premier institute that offers such services online. That means you don’t have to leave your job or the tasks at home for all the stay-at-home spouses.

Let’s do a section-wise breakdown of our approach of how to make scoring an 8 band, not a difficult task.

1. Listening

For people who don’t listen to the language every day, it could be quite a task initially to approach this section like a pro. Not to worry, though, as all you need is a focused schedule that works from your basics and up.

Our trainers will have personal sessions with you to assess your skills and make the schedule that your skill level requires. There will be tasks given to you. Like listening to English radio, podcasts, and videos, for example, to make you familiar with the language.

There will be regular tests following that and personal monitoring to gauge your progress. If needed, the schedule will be changed to get the band score higher.

2. Reading

Time management is a big issue for many students in IELTS. It requires extreme concentration, or you may miss important information regarding the questions. Our trainers understand this important requirement.

There are three parts or passages in this section. Hence, it is essential to get up your reading speed if you want to score a high band here. If you waste too much time reading the passages, it can affect the time given to you.

Go through the multiple practice tests given to you by the eBritish IELTS faculty to increase your chances of a band eight score or higher. It will be followed by a report on your progress, which will give you honest feedback on your preparation.

3. Writing

Writing is also a very critical part of the test and your good IELTS band score for a few very simple reasons. It demonstrates your ability to convey your thoughts in a clear and structured way. Plus, the test will also show your writing style.

In writing, it is critical to focus on content distribution, format, tone, logic, titles, sentence formation, etc. The online trainers at our institute will help you prepare and understand how to put these points in your writing to get 8 bands scoring in this section.

With careful attention, every student gets, you will be able to write essays on all the topics because of the constant tasks and evaluation.

4. Speaking

This task requires you to talk with a certified examiner who after his personal introduction, will ask the same of you. It will be followed by the examiner asking you questions that you are very familiar with the i.e family, hobbies, interests, etc.

The next part will give you a minute to prepare to talk for any given topic. This requires you to have a general understanding of the topics and quick thinking. Repeated tests and assessments by our faculty will help you hone these skills.

The third part will have questions on the second part, so a sharp presence of mind is needed. These will be analytical in nature, and we will help you focus on how to develop these ideas. It is there to see the clarity of ideas and that you are not restricted to one or two answers.


Most courses are satisfied with 6 to 7 band scores. Though there are a few courses like law degrees or some prestigious institutes that require students to score a band 8 in IELTS or higher. We at eBritish IELTS are committed to giving you the carefully crafted training module to get that high score and without much stress.

How we work - eBritish IELTS

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