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How to Score 7 Band in IELTS in One Month from Home?

12 Jul 2019 Administrator . 0 General

IELTS is one of the biggest international standardized tests for English proficiency for non-native English language speakers. As per the available statistics, more than 3 million tests were taken in 140 countries.

This was a big jump from the 2 million tests taken in 2012 and 1.7 million tests in 2011. In fact, in 2009, over 1 million tests were conducted in a year. This made it the most popular English language test for higher education and immigration.

Sometimes, students can feel immense pressure to reach their desired band. There could be various reasons at play for that. It could be the language of English is not something that you are used to whether for speaking or writing.

There could be professional commitments that are making it impossible for the student to prepare for this highly competitive exam properly. Various personal reasons could also put an immense pressure to score 7 bands in a short period of time, like a month.

There are students who are struggling to rise from their average IELTS score of 4 to 5.5. In addition, is the professional who aim to go abroad quickly for a better professional opportunity. These professionals realize at the last moment the importance of IELTS and want to prepare for IELTS in one month. For such aspirants and others, e-British IELTS is a much-needed platform.

Is it possible to score 7 bands in a month?

When preparing for such a competitive exam and in such a short time, a few points demand your attention. You need to know the level of your English proficiency. Keeping that in mind, consistent study hours every day have to be set. Some days will demand more hard work than the rest to keep the IELTS test preparation on track.

It is also vital for one rest day in the week or else you will get tired by studying too much. With a fixed schedule, increased focus on weaker areas, and expert help, experts point out that it is possible to score 7 bands in a month.

What is e-British IELTS?

The foundation for e-British IELTS was laid in 2015 by our founder Guntaas K Chopra. When the British IELTS institute was opened for all the IELTS aspirants in the Chandigarh region and the vicinity. It was established following the need for a one-stop shop for studying and settling abroad.

e-British IELTS is the next step in the evolution of our dream to see all the IELTS aspirant’s dreams of settling in an English-speaking country come true. All the students who fail to find time to go to a training institute’s center will discover their perfect alternative here.

It is an obvious fact that IELTS preparation online is the only option for many IELTS aspirants. Keeping that in mind, e-British IELTS will provide the perfect options for you not to sacrifice any part of life to prepare for IELTS in a short amount of time.

How will e-British IELTS help you score 7?

The next obvious question in any student’s mind is why choose this institute? Why choose e-British IELTS? One point not to forget is the success British IELTS already had in the region with its sector 34 center in Chandigarh.

The institute has worked its hardest to ensure the same expertise and quality are available to the online students as well. It is the same promise with the qualities listed below that will make e-British IELTS the number one destination for you:-

1. Easy access

Ease of access has been one of the big focuses of our website. We want to make sure that no page is a cause of confusion for anyone. The aim is to avoid any confusion for any layperson when surfing our site. So that they can get to the link that they intend to reach without any hassle.

2. Expert guidance

The organization has tied up with the trainers and teachers for IELTS after proper certification and checks. We don’t take your time and your goals lightly. Our commitment is to bring such certified trainers to ensure your precious time and money are not wasted for a single moment.

3. Affordable courses

Affordability is a key demand for IELTS test preparation, and we want to make sure that we don’t fall short on that count too. This is why we have created three simple-to-understand and affordable courses for your convenience.

  • For 4,999 we have a two weeks course called IELTS Professional
  • For 6,499 we have a four weeks course called IELTS Intermediate
  • For 7,999 we have a six weeks course called IELTS Basic

4. On-demand help

The course understands the need for interactive sessions. These will cater to the various doubts and confusions that can arise during the course of the training. That is why you can always ask for follow-up questions after every class and test. You will have the facility of Skype sessions for your confusion and questions from our expert group of trainers.

5. Customized courses

The dream of quickly having an IELTS score 7.0 in a month is a dream that may seem unrealistic to many. But worry not, that is why we are here to make that happen with our courses customized keeping your urgent needs in mind. In addition to the three main courses, there are study modules available, and the faculty are planning more such options.


With a deadline of only a month in mind, e-British IELTS has expertly curated different plans for such urgent needs. It is critical to quickly familiarize yourself with the IELTS exam and how to approach each module with precision and get the IELTS band score you need. The whole schedule and tasks have been designed to get students of various degrees of English proficiency to their dream score in a month.

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