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IELTS Preparation Course Available Online

05 Feb 2020 Administrator . 0 General

Online IELTS training is an excellent way of saving time and money . Recognizing the importance of such a platform, eBritish IELTS got launched. It trains the students through both, IELTS Academic course and the IELTS General course. It has got designed into three different packages and four additional modules.

What Will I Learn?

- Learn Reading module

The reading module has training tests for practice. The tests are time-bound so that you can practice time management. You will get instant feedback about your attempt on the reading passages. 

- Learn Listening module

The module will help you get to listen to different accents from the English speaking country. There are various recordings with corresponding questions of practice. You will get an instant feedback at the end of the test.

- Learn Speaking module

The module test will run from 11 to 14 minutes long. Just like the test, you will answer questions on your life, work, and interests. The trainer will ask questions associated with your answer to the first question.

- Learn Writing module

There are sets of writing tests through both the courses, an IELTS academic course, and general. You can click a picture of your answer and upload it through the eBritish IELTS app. 

How to Start?

Step 1
Take a free assessment test

The platform provides a free English level assessment test for all the IELTS exam aspirants. This test is useful if you feel confused about your level of English language and your preparation level for the IELTS exam. The feedback report will give you a good indication of the package that suits you the best.

Step 2
Choose a package as per your level

The feedback on your free assessment test will help you choose the right package. Choosing the right package is an excellent start to your IELTS exam preparation as the package will contain the right amount of content you need for a high band score.

Not only that, the trainers will know in advance what kind of training you need. The assessment test will help shape their feedback for you when judging your tests. Although, you always have a choice to pick the package you think is right for you.

Step 3
Fill Personal Detail and buy course

You are required to fill personal details once the necessary selection gets made. These details are required to purchase the course. You can also take advantage of the eBritish IELTS free coupon found on the homepage.

Step 4
Start Learning

You have filled the details and selected the package of your choosing. You can immediately start your training and get trained from the IELTS trainers with years of experience under its belt.

Final Thoughts

IELTS exam is a global certification of English language skills. The test provides you with multiple opportunities for career and studies. A good band score is required to get your dream course or job. With eBritish IELTS, you will get the best training possible and at affordable prices. Join the platform to make your dreams of going abroad come true. 

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