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IELTS Speaking: Improve your Language for Bands 7.0+

08 Apr 2021 Administrator . 0 General

Out of all the IELTS modules, IELTS Speaking is an area that most IELTS candidates struggle with. It is especially true for the aspirants who do not have English as their first language. Further, the benchmark set for testing the speaking proficiency of an IELTS test-taker can be relatively high.

The candidate's in-depth knowledge about the language is checked during the entire span of the test. And all of this is done in a face-to-face interview. So, before you decide to take your test, IELTS Speaking test preparation is vital. Now, many IELTS aspirants are of the view that online IELTS preparation cannot help in the case of the speaking module.

After all, you have to work on your spoken English. However, this is where they go wrong. With online IELTS training, you get the right guidance and attention from an IELTS expert. It can help you reach a band 7.0+ score within weeks. Let us see how you can do so:

IELTS Speaking Test Pattern – What Every Candidate Must Know

Unlike the other IELTS modules, you will have to talk to the examiner to prove your English-speaking skills. Thus, IELTS speaking is an interactive test, and it is conducted to ensure that you speak naturally and fluently. For further assessment, your speaking test is recorded, as well.

As per the format of the test, it occurs in three parts. They can be summarized as follows:

For Part 1, you have to introduce yourself. The examiner will then ask you general questions. There are topics like work, interests, family, education, etc.

Once you do this, you will get a task card with a topic and a minute. During this time, you have to prepare for it. Then, you need to speak on the subject for 1-2 minutes. After you complete it, the examiner will ask you some questions based on it.

For the last part of the IELTS Speaking module, these questions will continue. Here, you will have to discuss more abstract issues and ideas. The entire test will last for no more than 11-14 minutes.

Finding the Best Website for IELTS Speaking Preparation

Throughout your speaking test performance, you will be assessed on the following criteria:

  • Fluency and Coherence
  • Lexical Resource
  • Grammatical Range and Accuracy
  • Pronunciation

Clearly, you cannot achieve all of this on your own. You will need to find the best website for IELTS preparation for it. In case you are looking for one, eBritishielts is an online IELTS training platform that comes under the category.

Introducing eBritishielts

eBritishielts is an online IELTS training portal especially designed for people who want to prepare for IELTS at their convenience – from anyplace and anytime. The platform can help through the power of the internet and their skilled IELTS trainers' top teaching skills.

Through this, they strive to deliver the IELTS aspirants with the best, and the aspirants are able to achieve their desired IELTS band score. Be it IELTS General Training, IELTS Academic preparation, or a single module, eBritishielts offers packages for all. Here is how this IELTS online training with eBritishielts will help you achieve band 7+ in the IELTS Speaking test:

How to Improve your Language for Bands 7.0+ with eBritishielts?

  • First things first, to book a speaking session with eBritishielts, you need to sign up with the website for free.
  • If you feel you need to work on the other modules, you can get an IELTS Academic or General training package instead of purchasing the speaking module. Refer to the infographic given below to see how IELTS preparation with eBritishielts works:

How we work - eBritish IELTS

  • You can see that to know which package (beginner, intermediate, advanced) will suit you; you have to take the free level assessment test.
  • Alternatively, move ahead with the speaking module only.
  • From your dashboard, select the date and time and book your speaking session. An expert IELTS teacher will conduct it.
  • On the day of the IELTS Speaking session, you will receive a reminder for it. It will be 15 minutes before the session starts.
  • Once you join your session, you will experience how your IELTS Speaking test will be on the test day.
  • Also, during the span of the session, the teacher will give you all the tips and tricks that will help you improve your spoken English and get your desired IELTS band score in the Speaking test.

Conclusion – What to Keep in Mind When Preparing for IELTS Speaking with eBritishielts?

  • It is impossible to get a 7+ band score overnight. So, be patient about your preparation.
  • Throughout your training, make sure that you always speak in English even when you do not attend any speaking sessions.
  • Always listen to English News, Talk Shows, Podcasts, or TV shows.
  • Focus on learning accurate pronunciation and improve your grammatical knowledge.
  • It is also an excellent idea to enrich your vocabulary. So, learn as many new words as you can.

While you are preparing, do not lose heart if you make some mistakes. The teachers at eBritishielts will ensure that you learn from them and ace your IELTS Speaking test.

What are you waiting for? Sign up with eBritishielts for free, and book a Speaking session now!

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