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Our Process

Know your level of English

  • To start with, we will give you a short English language assessment test to judge your level of English, based on that we will offer you the right course package.
  • After the Payment Is processed, Login Details of your portal will be sent to you in realtime.

Start Preparation with eBritish IELTS

  • All the tasks are active and ready to be attempted on your portal once you are enrolled.
  • Reading and listening tasks can be attempted at your convenience.
  • One on One speaking is conducted to test you on various parameters.
  • Writing - Once you attempt your IELTS writing tasks, upload them on your portal using our phone application.
  • Once the tasks are corrected, the same would be sent back.

Sit, Relax and Prepare

  • We have designed the online IELTS platform, keeping in mind the real sense and problems faced during the preparation of IELTS.
  • Let's start this journey to achieve your target IELTS score within your comfort zone.


Key Features

  • Free level assessment
  • Enrollment
  • Get your daily IELTS material
  • Assessment of submitted tests/answers
  • One-on-one Speaking session
  • Interaction with IELTS experts
  • Complimentary doubt clearing session
  • Weekly progress report
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Our Packages



6 Weeks

Intensive preparation for IELTS Test
  • For those who make a lot of errors in spellings, grammar or construction, choose the six-week course for thorough and extensive practice to improve your language and achieve the desired result.
  • 24 tests of each module are available for practice.
  • Besides this, you can book doubt clearing and speaking sessions for better clarity.


IELTS Intermediate

4 Weeks

Thorough Preparation for the IELTS exam
  • You have moderate language skills but require a high score,all you need to do is work hard.
  • Get more practice with the 4-week course material for all the modules.
  • 16 tests of each module are available for practice.
  • Along with that, you can avail of the option of an interactive session if you wish to do so.


IELTS Professional

2 Weeks

Crash course for IELTS
  • If your English is up to the mark, all you need is format practice. This 2 weeks course will give you enough number of tests to clear the exam.
  • 8 tests of each module are available for practice.
  • And as you work hard, the teachers work with you, holding your hand throughout the preparation process. Success is guaranteed!